2006 Mid-Year Album Review

Updated: The Best Albums of 2006 (Part II)

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12 Comments on “2006 Mid-Year Album Review”

  1. ReDMoSqUi Says:

    Shane, great list! There are a few discs even “I” have to check out there. I too am ready to see Kaddisfly hit the shelves and the new Incubus be released.

  2. Billy Says:

    I’ll have to check most of these out. Nice mention for Hundred Year Storm, though. Awesome stuff.

  3. ScoTT Says:

    very good read. i agree with you on quite a few of these actually.

  4. Lmerr Says:

    Nice list. Does anybody else think that Kaddisfly will do anything else to the album knowing that it leaked way too early?

  5. boula23 Says:

    I find myself wondering…”What have you been listening to?”

    I haven’t heard any of these albums and sadly haven’t heard of most of these bands.

    It’s really annoying to me too, because I always want to be checking out new music but never really listen to it. I find myself listening to the bands that I have been listening to before, therefore staying on track with my listening pleasures and not diving off of the course to find some new material.

    So, I guess I will have to check out ALL of these. Thanks for the heads up on these, and the links to each band. Gives me something to do while I’m sitting here saying to myself “What the F do I want to listen to?”

  6. Kaddisfly is working on some goodies, yes.

    Thanks for the list. I’m going to check most of these out, since I haven’t heard a great deal of them.

    I’m also really anticipating the following:

    Deftones – Saturday Night Wrist

    mewithoutyou – Brother, Sister

    The Apex Theory – Faces

  7. Kyle Says:

    A lot of these I have not heard (or heard of) so thanks for the reviews. I suspect both MuteMath and Muse will be in my top 10. Mew..altho I am coming around on a bit now after a 2nd assessment..I simply can’t be blown away by their vocal style. The 1st half of the album has a lot of cool, heavy riffs I’d give them.

    Just curious if you have checked out Pure Reason Revolution?

    Albums I’m looking fwd to later this year:

    Blackfield (Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree’s sideproject)
    House Of Fools
    Bend Sinister (EP)
    Zero Hour
    The Mars Volta


  8. spectre1982 Says:

    I’ve already been listening to some new stuff, and anything good that anyone has to recommend is appreciated. The Appleseed Cast, The Dears, and The Paper chase have impressed me this week.

    How is the TMV album? Is there any more substance than there was to the last one? Frances the Mute didn’t do it for me.

  9. Knifeboy Says:

    I remember seeing Mew play a song live on a kids television show here in Denmark over 10 years ago.. It’s great to see these guys finally get some world-wide recognition..

    Great list as a whole

  10. Josh Says:

    i can’t wait for the new incubus album. it shall be grand. the new modest mouse is coming out this year, too. a lot of anticipation for that one, as well.

  11. 2su Says:

    I always enjoy reading lists that people put together. I won’t pretend to like half the bands on the list… however there is one band in particular that I have to question:

    The Black Angels… this band is basically a mix of the most pedestrian characteristics of BRMC & Clinic. I do not understand why it is being mentioned.

  12. Rick Says:

    I’ve been digging Mute Math for the last month or so. It’s nice to see them getting some MTV airplay and really getting noticed for the outstanding act that they are. Couldn’t happen to a nicer group of guys.

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