Profiles: Six Years

This is the inaugural installment to a (hopefully) regularly occurring series of “Profile” blogs. The format provides a number of snapshots of albums and/or artists with a common theme (or with no relation whatsoever), allowing readers to find out a little bit about several bands all at once. As a bonus, it is also my favorite way to write: short and to the point.

Pressure 4-5 – Burning the Process (2001)
Burning the ProcessBurning the Process is the is the first and only full-length release by this band (though a new one is supposedly forthcoming[?]) and it’s a perfect example of how good the hard rock/modern metal of the late 90’s/early 2000’s could be. Two loud, grinding guitars are complimented by the vocal melody of Adam Rich, who waxes poetic without backing off of the band’s aggression.

Grüvis Malt – …With the Spirit of a Traffic Jam… (2002)
Stop and Go All Ye FaithfulGrüvis Malt’s unique sound has made them one of my all-time favorite groups, and this is the album that got it all started for me. Their sound is a fusion of several modern rock styles, with jazz and even some hip-hop elements. It’s a combination that requires multiple listening experiences to absorb, but offers a lot of long-term enjoyment. This is the only album that they didn’t release independently, and in the time afterwards they enjoyed both their greatest popularity and struggled through some of their biggest challenges as a band.

Denali – The Instinct (2003)
The InstinctThis is Denali’s second and final album after making their debut in 2002. Their sound can be described as a stripped down Metric, with lighter guitars and more focus on the superb voice or Moira Davis. My pick of the album would have to be the song “Surface”.

Saturnine Mine – Sounds Like Quiche (2004)
Sounds Like...Quiche?This album went almost completely unnoticed in 2004, but it was certainly one of the most unique and inspired of the year. It’s best described as psychedelic-electronic rock, and it’s all the brainchild of “Lucky Lew” (otherwise notable for his sound engineering work with Grandaddy). The songs “Mary Gold” and “Two of Us” are superb, but the highlight of the entire album comes at the very end–the untitled track that closes the album gives me the feeling of euphoria, like being launched across the universe at high speeds.

Day One Symphony – AVICIOUSCIRCLE (EP) (2005)
AVICIOUSCIRLCEI picked this EP up after witnessing one of their performances in support of dredg. It ended up being one of the best EP’s of last year, and the band’s talent for writing simple, beautiful music with a calm-before-the-storm feel is evident on all seven tracks. A full-length album is anticipated in the future.

Billy O’Neil & Dan Wean – You Are Beautiful EP (2006)
O'Neil & WeanThis is a side project collaboration between oh my god‘s Billy O’Neil and Dan Wean of Easy Tiger. This EP features the energetic, quirky O’Neil using his vocal talents alongside an unfamiliar instrument: a guitar. My favorite song of the lot? It’s the one where Billy screams, “ROCK AND ROLL-A!”

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3 Comments on “Profiles: Six Years”

  1. chris (from PA) Says:

    New Pressure 4-5 ? That’d be a surprise.
    And it’s Maura* Davis. :)
    (I should be your editor Shane, haha)

  2. spectre1982 Says:

    Spelling mistakes are rough.

  3. oil. dager pilsbury Says:

    O’neill and Wean’s tunage tastes of moist cake laden harmonies and warm buttery bisque tainted acoustic riddems with rock folklore overtones. Their ‘robin hood theory’ ethos steals from the deaf and gives to the blind.
    All five senses were assualted, raped, bathed, and kissed.
    I feel exhausted.

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