You Were Born Today to Set Sail the Prairie

 Set Sail the Prairie

Set Sail the Prairie
 Hopeless/Sub City
March 6th, 2007

 Let’s get this out of the way before I go any further: Kaddisfly’s Set Sail the Prairie is the early selection for album of the year. It’s may not see much competition either, because this is an exceptional album from an exceptional band, the latest in a series of master strokes; the Halley’s Comet of alternative rock’s celestial sphere.

Out of Portland Oregon, Kaddisfly have been diligently writing recording and touring since 2002, which actually makes the fact that they’ve released three highly praised albums in their first five years together even more impressive. 2003’s mini-album Did You Know People Can Fly? was the band’s first breakthrough, introducing curious ears to a new kind of hybrid sound that utilizes the vitality of alternative-punk, the intrigue of progressive rock, and the seamlessly applied gloss of catchy pop hooks. Following this, the band completed it’s lineup by adding a second guitarist, got themselves signed to Hopeless records, and began working on their label debut Buy Our Intention; We’ll Buy You a Unicorn. The album was intended as the launching point for a three part series in which Set Sail the Prairie is the second chapter, a metaphorical examination of humanity and human existence. Unlike Coheed & Cambria’s space epic, there are no discernable characters or storyline, only themes. And a message: influence, change, love, and live. It’s a refreshingly positive message, and they pull it off without coming across as hokey or insincere. As evidence:

Campfire (from Set Sail the Prairie)
Welcome to your life / You better watch your steps / Or they could turn to fire / that could sear through your shoes / through your feet / up your legs and eat away your heart / until you walk a path with love / then you could be happy / and your feet and hands and head and heart will get along comfortably / you might even breathe easily

Buy Our Intention… was striking leap forward for the band, and became a surprising favorite for many (myself included) among a strong crop of 2005 releases. So how do you manage your expectations for a band that has continually set the bar high for itself? After all, many a band has crumbled under the weight of building on this kind of anticipation. Applying further growth and experimentalism, the new album makes expectations unnecessary. Now tighter than ever before, and with superb production, Set Sail the Prairie does not disappoint. As was the case on the previous album, each song is uncannily distinct; each having one of those moments–you know what I’m talking about–the kind that makes you want to rewind it so you can hear it again. Some of the songs are going to grab you the first time around (Campfire, Empire, Silk Road), while others are going to creep into the back of your mind slowly (Forest), and some still will do both (Snowflakes). After a couple of listens, you’ll be scratching your head trying to decide which is your favorite.

The album concept is more visible on Set Sail..., which plays like a year-long journey across the globe. Each of the 14 tracks represents one of the twelve lunar months and the two solstices, written in the language of twelve cities across the earth. Traditional instruments from each of those twelve cities are incorporated in the recording of the corresponding song, completing the effect. The casual listener need not worry about trying to find all of these connections though, because they aren’t crucial to the enjoyment of the album.
So, what else can I say about this album? The best thing I can do now is point you toward the album itself, which has been placed online for your streaming enjoyment:



Lastly, lest this review be interpreted as over-zealous, let me point out a number of other reviewers lining up to heap praise on this album: (5/5 Stars) (A+ rating) (5/5 Stars) (9.5/10) (4/5 Stars) (8.5/10) (7/10)

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6 Comments on “You Were Born Today to Set Sail the Prairie”

  1. torres Says:

    Nice read Shane

    Set Sail The Prairie also got 4 and a half stars from Alternative Press.

  2. Kyle Says:

    Great review Shane!..I don’t think I could describe any better myself. Now we only can long for HORSESD GALLOPING ON SAILBOATS..hehe.

  3. Danno Says:

    After a few months this album is finally growing on me…..partially due to hearing it through headphones. It seems to have a little something for every music fan.

  4. Desktopjunk Says:

    Thanks, always good posts on your blog!

  5. Priscila Souza Says:

    Your knowledge is impressing! I’m from Brazil and, unhappilly, I haven’t even heard about a lot of bands you mention. I just have to agree with some of your favorites albuns of the year. I also loved Light Grenades, Return to Cookie Mountain, Saturday Night Wrist and Meds. ;o)

  6. BuddyGoodness Says:

    If this album had a vagina I would marry it.

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