Streetlights Eyeing New Heights

Honing their skills as musicians and songwriters, Streetlights have steadily refined their sound as they’ve practiced and performed since forming in 2004. Streetlights began 2007 by releasing their first proper EP, “To Hold the World” after spending months of recording in northern New Jersey. Now their aim is on making a name for themselves in the New York/New Jersey area.

 Streetlights’ music is a kind of rich, upbeat rock with plenty of feeling. Quentin Fielding’s lush piano melodies build a foundation for Ryan Kleindienst’s ethereal, echoing guitar parts to dance over. The rhythm section enjoys keeping things up-tempo, as Derek Fielding sets the pace with hi-hat tapping. Chris Kinney, perhaps the most widely experienced of this fresh faced foursome, plays the bass part with savoir-faire. Finally, Ryan Kleindienst’s earnest vocals project youthful exuberance and a sense that perhaps yes, good things are on the rise.

 Ryan Kleindienst took some time away from his day job at the local fish market to tell me his thoughts on Steetlights’ music.

The Medium of Music: What brought the four of you together to make music?

Ryan Kleindienst: Most importantly, it was and still is all about us being best friends. It just so happened that we all had the same dream and desire to make music. It still amazes us to this day that we all share the same general musical taste and vision for our future while also growing up in the same town. As far as what brought us together musically, we collectively wanted to create something that would inspire us and in turn others.

tMoM: So then, where do you draw inspiration from for your music?

RK: Our inspiration comes directly from life, really.Our music is just the reaction that we produce from all the emotions that we feel.

tMoM: How do you describe your music?

RK: If we had to quickly slap a label on it, we mention influences from the likes of Coldplay, Oasis, U2, and The Cure but it is very different at the same time. We like to think of the music as very sincere and uplifting while also being very powerful and mysterious.

tMoM: Mysterious? How so?

RK: (laughs) Well you know, we always wanted to, someday when we have the money, fill the stage up with fog and bright lights so we can walk out onto the stage in the shadows. (more laughs) But really, we just want to make a sound that is compelling and moving.

tMoM: What’s next for Streetlights?

RK: Now that our EP To Hold the World is recorded, we’re looking for every opportunity to play shows and promote what we’re all about. The future is never exactly how you see it so we’re just going to do our thing and we see very good things coming out of it.

tMoM: What about a year from now? Where do you see yourselves?

RK: Again, the future is always slightly different than you imagine, but really we’re just hoping for the best be it recording a full length album or playing bigger shows as part of a full tour. We are very excited for whatever comes our way.

tMom: Alright, thanks for your time!

RK: Thank you!

Streetlights’ four-song EP, To Hold the World, can be streamed at their Myspace page. As a band that is constantly writing and performing new material, it’s only a slice of what the band has to offer. New Heights and Fall and Rise encapsule the band’s energy and enthusiasm, where as All Out Here in the Cold is starts as more of a ballad, building and progressing as it goes along. Finally, the last and perhaps most unique song on the EP shows another of the band’s dimensions. 3rd Dream begins with urgency and a little bit of that mystery, and as each band member adds their own intricacies the song comes together as the most layered and textured of the bunch from this young and very promising group.

Streetlights Myspace
Streetlights Last.FM

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